Puur Staal’s Metal artist Bart Lebesque combines great ideas, special materials, craftsmanship and the latest techniques into a special end product. The love for steel, metal, and rust shines through his work. His passion drives him to look for the latest innovations and special creations.

metal artist

Realizing a dream as metal artist

It all started with a dream. Making things you really love and make a living out of it. Organic and raw, absorbed in nature. Born out of an irresistible urge to color outside the lines, of being different. Without any professional arts education, following his own path and ideas. With an eye for creativity, quality and craftsmanship and a passion for pure steel.

From beans to beautiful

Before Bart Lebesque started as a metal artist he worked in all sorts of factories with industrial machines. He stood between the spinach, beans, applesauce, cheese and potatoes looking for the cause of the defect.

Bart works with recycled metal waste, stainless steel and Corten steel. This sustainable steel is indestructible, lasts for years and transforms into a beautiful rust brown color. Everything is being made in his own manufactory in Uden, partly exhibited in his own garden in the middle of National Park the “Maashorst”.

metal artist

High quality metal waste

The metal in these machines is of high-quality and has to meet strict requirements. Sometimes somethings are disapproved or converted, and this beautiful metal becomes “waste”. This waste has the most special shapes and screams out for a second life.

Basis in engineering

Bart has many years technical experience from mechanization to industrial engineering. Now, he combines his love for metal and special metalworking with this technical knowledge, by working on special metal projects. This ensures a creative and artistic piece of art, as well as technical high-quality and craftsmanship.

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