Looking for a great piece of art? We create metal wall art with a unique story. Metal artist Bart Lebesque searches for the confrontation between materials, colors, structure and shape. We recycle metal waste from food industry into metal art and use steel, corten steel or stainless steel.

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Metal wall art with a story

In his metal art Bart uses used material and metal waste of factories. What others consider “mess”, he transforms into a unique metal art sculpture with a story.

Nature is a great inspiration for him. It is there that you find the most beautiful shapes, structures, colors and patterns. We love to colour outside the lines and make things other artists can’t.

How we work

We think with you and advise about creative and technical possibilities to ensure the desired end result. We work fair and honest. A good feeling on both sides is important for us.

“Especially from those things other artists will or can not do, we get energy in realizing it. We combine the latest machines and techniques with art and craftsmanship.”

metal wall art

Custom metal wall art

We create custom made metal wall art. Our passion drives us to look for the latest techniques. Everything we make, is coming from our own artisan manufactory, where you are most welcome.

Do you have a special artwork in mind? For your home, garden, office or as a unique gift? Please contact us for more information.

Order online

Next to our custom metal art we have a small collection of metal wall art which can be ordered online. Please visit our online shop for a view at the artworks.

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Want to know more?

You want to know more about our metal sculptures? Please contact us for more information.

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