We create metal art with a unique story. Disapproved metal waste from the food industry starts a second life as art. Where others often remain in the predictability of metal, metal artist Bart Lebesque searches for the confrontation between materials, colors, structure and shape. Out of his passion for pure steel, he is always looking for new techniques and ways of processing steel.

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From waste to art

In his work Bart uses used material and metal waste of factories. What others consider “mess”, he transforms into a unique work of art with a story. Nature is a great inspiration for him. It is there that you find the most beautiful shapes, structures, colors and patterns. We love to colour outside the lines and make things other artists can’t.

Puur Staal metal art

Bart creates his own metal sculptures and metal wall art. He also makes custom made metal art for individuals and businesses. A part from being a metal artist, he is also designer and craftsman for all kinds of custom metal projects. He has many years of technical experience. Now, he combines his love for metal with this technical knowledge.

From an irresistible urge not to fit into a box, we are looking for special and creative combinations in metal. Our own style is pure, organic and raw. When it comes to customized metal art, we translate your wishes into a special and unique metal artwork.

How we work

We think along with you, advice about possibilities and check out which creative and technical solutions ensure the desired result. We work fair and honest, a good feeling on both sides is important for us. We love steel, metal, rust and everything else involved. Our passion drives us to look for the latest techniques. Everything we make, is coming from our own artisan manufactory, where you are most welcome.

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