It all started with a dream. Making things we really love. Organic and raw, to be absorbed in nature. Things that anybody else does not dare to make, and nevertheless work. Born out of a irresistible urge to color outside the lines, of being different.

Bart Lebesque

Bart has many years technical experience from mechanization to industrial engineering. Now, he combines his love for metal with this technical knowledge, by working over and over again on special metal projects. In his spare time Bart spends time with his family, discovers nature nearby and tries to capture special moments in photographs.

From technician in a bean factory to self employed metal artist. Read his special story.

More about Bart Lebesque

bart lebesque uden

Linda Lebesque

Married to Bart and mother of their daughter Hanna. After studying Communication science at Nijmegen University, Linda now works for several years as an independent text writer and content marketer. At Puur Staal she is responsible for marketing, storytelling, business operations and finances. After working hours you can find her near her horses or enjoying nature.

She loves to share the beautiful views from their home. Here you can find Linda on Instagram.

Our house in the forest

After years of searching, preparing, working hard and saving money, we found our dream house. A house in the forest at the middle of a large nature reserve. A project location to realize their dream: an eco friendly and sustainable house to grow old in. The backyard a paradise for the horses, the front yard a place to experience what Puur Staal can do for you. Here we invite you with great pleasure to discuss the possibilities for a next project or artwork.

The ‘Makerij’

The real work of art is done in the Makerij. A spacious hall which is also suitable for large projects.

The Makerij is located in Uden, a small city between ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Nijmegen en Eindhoven. You are more than welcome to visit us here.

Want to know more?

You are more than welcome to visit us at our Makerij or our forest home. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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